Six Designs for Trump’s Border Wall, from Solar Panels to a Mexican-American Co-Nation

by Benjamin Sutton & Claire Voon for HYPERALLERGIC, Apr 13, 2017 –

Last month, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) received hundreds of proposals for the wall that President Trump wants to build along the 1,989-mile border between the US and Mexico. The designs, which DHS’s Customs and Border Protection is currently evaluating, were drawn up by architecture firms, defense contractors, security companies, engineers, designers, and artists, among others.

Bidders’ goals and aesthetic sensibilities vary wildly, from the brutal functionality of proposals that resemble the walls surrounding US Army bases in foreign countries to designs that dress up their nefarious purpose with beneficial features like solar panels or passageways for small animals, to utopian visions that seek to unify the region rather than divide it. It’s still too early to say what sort of wall, if any, will ultimately get built — a short list of proposals that will move on to the prototyping phase is expected to be announced around June 1. But a survey of known proposals shows most are frightfully unimaginative and ruthless in their plans to devastate fragile ecologies, divide sacred Native lands, imperil human rights, and soak up billions of US taxpayers’ dollars in the process — though a few are more hopeful and creative. The following six proposals give a sense of this eclecticism.

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